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Vocational Courses

Our vocational apprenticeships and trainings offer practical and hands-on skills for life and work using the learning-by-doing model of Schumacher College.

Call Of The Wild Course 2015

Call of the Wild 2015

24/04/2015 to 16/11/2015

With Chris Salisbury and guest contributors Martin Shaw, Bill Plotkin, Pat Fleming, Tony Spencer, Jon Cree, Tony Whitehead, Robin Bowman, Stephen Harding & Sebastian Kelly | One of the most effective ways to inspire and enrich ourselves, our communities and each other, is to find our way back to engaging wholeheartedly with the natural world. An extraordinary syllabus is available to anyone open to spending time in nature, and our job as environmental educators is to cultivate this ‘nature connection’ in helpful and meaningful ways. Over the duration of the programme we expect students to pick up a broad base of skills and experience, to clarify which areas of environmental education they have a particular interest and talent for, and which client-groups they would like to work with. The journey will include night walks, earth walks, naturalist study, canoe-trips, role-play, ceremony, storytelling and a medicine walk. In addition, participants can choose three courses from a selection of WildWise’s professional training programme to focus and develop their skills further.

There will also be an opportunity to attend short courses.