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Short Courses

Schumacher College & The Elmhirst Programme Short Course Programme

Our short courses are based either at the Old Postern or the Elmhirst Centre of Dartington Hall – a ten minute walk between them through beautiful ornamental gardens or wild woodland. All include delicious food, simple accommodation, teaching and field trips within a rich and stimulating community setting.

Short descriptions of the courses are listed below. Click on the name of the course to read the full description and to apply.

Coming Home to an Animate World: A Way of Ceremony and Conversation

07/09/2015 to 11/09/2015

With Bill Plotkin and Geneen Marie Haugen | In this course we offer you a green doorway, an opening to a wilder consciousness shaped by forest and owls, clouds and dreams. We offer you passage from a lifeless universe to a cosmos breathing with mystery and invitation, singing and crying in a jillion tongues. Gather with other Earth lovers, forest whisperers, and visionary coyotes to honour the Others with ceremony and conversation. Read More...

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Becoming Indigenous

Becoming Indigenous – Finding Our Way Home

07/09/2015 to 17/07/2016

Convened by Colin Campbell, Pat McCabe and Mac Macartney
With Special Guests Atossa Soltani, Drew Dellinger, Bill Plotkin, Loretta Afraid of Bear Cook, Martin Shaw, Lucy Hinton
and many more to be confirmed | 4 month residential followed by supported personal research and mentoring.

This 10 month programme is a deep journey into the question of what it means to be indigenous and how it feels to come home. Once in the place of home, connected to our birth-rite of place and community and belonging, how do we act in the world to create change and help others find the way?  Read More...

An Indigenous World

An Indigenous Worldview: The Four Nations of Ancestors

14/09/2015 to 18/09/2015

With Colin Campbell | This course is a deep and rigorous immersion in the traditional indigenous ways of South Africa. It is for those who are interested to explore and participate in the methods and rituals relating to this particular indigenous cosmology, aimed at bringing balance and health at both the individual and collective levels. Facilitated at the Elmhirst Programme at Dartington Hall. Read More...

Patch Adams 2-day workshop at Schumacher College

Living a Life of Joy - Humour, Health and Happiness with Patch Adams

14/09/2015 to 15/09/2015

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED, please register your interest here and we will update you on new dates | Dr. Patch Adams has created a platform of six qualities that govern all his activities: "to be happy, funny, loving, co-operative, creative and thoughtful", and developed clowning as a way to reach people and help them connect with a kinder life within themselves. Join us for a two-day learning event that will teach you how to incorporate the numerous beneficial effects of humour, laughter, human generosity and kindness in a healthy outlook and  in a healthy body.

Eco-Spirituality, Creation Spirituality: Exploring Eco-Mystics and Becoming Eco-Warriors

14/09/2015 to 18/09/2015

Matthew Fox with special guests Meshi Chavez, Stephan Harding and Martin Shaw | UPDATE: Thanks to a bursary to our Elmhirst Programme this course is £450. In this course we will explore some of the many prophetic voices over the centuries that have spoken of the sacred earth and our sacred bodies. We will deepen our understanding of how they speak to us today on both a personal and collective level and how they can strengthen our own personal commitment to an ecological revolution -  to become warriors as well as mystics and lovers of creation. Read More...

Live Your Purpose with Burce Lipton

Live Your Purpose - Radical, Conscious Evolution

28/09/2015 to 02/10/2015

With Bruce Lipton and Bharat Mitra |  New knowledge and advances in science are shattering old myths and rewriting the fundamental beliefs of human civilisation. Join best selling author and scientist Bruce Lipton and discover what it means to ‘Live Your Purpose’ and experience an entirely new, fresh, untainted, state of pure being. Facilitated at The Elmhirst Programme in Dartington Hall. Read More...

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Bones of Ritual

The Bones of Ritual – Conversing With The Natural World

28/09/2015 to 02/10/2015

With Colin Campbell and Lucy Hinton | Join us for this week of deep self-exploration as you investigate life questions such as who am I, what is my purpose in the world, who are my allies and how can I best serve my community, using traditional techniques and ritual practices from the indigenous South African traditions. Read More...

Working with the Patterns of Nature: Deep Ecology, Sacred Geometry

12/10/2015 to 16/10/2015

With Tom Bree, Stephan Harding and Philip Franses | Join us for this rich week of philosophy, nature contemplation and traditional art as we explore the boundary between deep ecology and sacred geometry. This is a ground-breaking partnership between the Prince’s’ School of Traditional Art and Schumacher College and is open to all those interested in perceiving and working with the underlying and creative patterns of nature. This course is part of the Elmhirst Programme.

Bringing Health Down to Earth: Wellbeing through Nature, Ritual and Community

19/10/2015 to 23/10/2015

With Bayo Akomolafe, Ijeoma (Ej) Clement-Akomolafe And special guests Charles Eisenstein and Frederique Apffel-Marglin (by videolink) | This course is an exploration of the politics of health, and how the exploitation of cultures and disruption of ecosystems, the practice of patenting, the influence of big mone, the mass production of pills, and the toxification of food have led to epidemics, an estrangement from our own bodies, and deeper anxiety for us all. It will look at a different way of understanding health and well-being, based on nature, ritual and community – inspired by indigenous practice around the world and will show us how a re-entanglement and connection with the world can lead to happier, healthier bodies.

Schumacher Experience - Autumn 2015

19/10/2015 to 23/10/2015

This week-long programme allows you to take time from your normal routine and immerse yourself in the rich daily life of community at Schumacher College. It includes a walking field trip, lectures on holism and sustainability and facilitated group work. Read More...

Indigenous Ways of Knowing: Beyond Intellect into Relationship

26/10/2015 to 06/11/2015

With Pat McCabe (Standing Woman Shining) and special guests including Mac Macartney | Join us for this two-week course on how we can develop our 'ways of knowing' beyond intellect in order to develop right relationship with place. This deep inquiry will involve theory, practice and ceremony from Native American traditions and will not only help us with our own sense of 'indigeny to place' but will look at ways that our species might live sustainably on the earth as have the cultures who have lived in health, harmony and happiness for thousands of years.

Business for Good: Practical Action at the Frontiers of Change

02/11/2015 to 06/11/2015

With Chris Nichols, Giles Hutchins, Alexandra Stubbings, Jonathan Wise, Victoria Hurth and Eve Poole (via skype)  For this week-long course we bring together organisational leaders and business advisors at the heart of developing 'Business for Good' – ways of working that help business reinvent itself to serve a broader social and planetary agenda.

The Art of Invitation – Creative Engagement for Ourselves and Our Communities

09/11/2015 to 13/11/2015

With Ruth Ben-Tovim, Anne-Marie Culhane and Lucy Neal . Back by popular demand, this course explores more creative ways of engaging communities to help them respond to the social and ecological challenges of our time and become active in the world. Join us for a week of creative exploration that will give you new creative tools for change..

Indigenous Story

Our Indigenous Story - Mapping and Re-Telling World Narratives

16/11/2015 to 20/11/2015

With Atossa Soltani and Louis Fox | Our world is in crisis with an endless stream of issues crying out for our attention. But the worldviews and cultural assumptions that underlie these issues often go unexamined. Is it time for an examination, for an understanding of why we think what we do and for a new story that combines the best of the wisdom and knowledge alive in the world today.  Join media strategist, global advocate for indigenous people and founder of Amazon Watch, Atossa Soltani and celebrated film-maker, Louis Fox for this deep exploration and questioning of the competing worldviews that shape the world we live in, the stories we tell ourselves and the issues we face. Read More...


The Right Livelihood Programme, UK and Bhutan - Finding Deeper Purpose

30/11/2015 to 30/11/2016

Ha Vinh Tho, Julia Kim, Satish Kumar, Julie Richardson, Otto Scharmer and guests | Join us for a year-long transformative learning journey that aims to align your livelihood with a deeper purpose in service of happiness and well-being of people and planet. This 12 month programme includes 3 residential modules in the UK and Bhutan supported by an on-line programme of study and mentoring and will be an inspirational, transformative and action-orientated journey towards developing a prototype of your own project, plan, or pathway to right livelihood. In this, you will be supported by a community of peers, tutors and experts.  Read More...

Beyond Development: Living Well on a Diverse and Finite Planet

18/01/2016 to 05/02/2016

With Eduardo Gudynas, Andrea Cornwall, Jonathan Dawson and guests to be announced | The development paradigm that has dominated world policy and economic trajectory for the last four decades is drawing to a close. We look at how such a paradigm, one that has led to the ultimate sacrifice of political, cultural and ecological integrity, has evolved, endured and is now being undermined to make way for a new heterodoxy of global solutions for living on a diverse and finite planet.

Mind in Nature - Three Week Intensive

15/02/2016 to 04/03/2016

With Rupert Sheldrake, Stephan Harding, Jonathan Horowitz, Zara Waldebäck, Shantena Sabbadini and Philip Franses | Today’s emerging science is turning the mechanistic view of science on its head, revealing life as intelligent, purposive and meaningfully communicative. This three-week intensive will look at the evidence through the work of people who are expanding the frontiers of scientific understanding and practical experience.

Call of the Wild

01/04/2016 to 14/11/2016

A year long foundation course in outdoor education leadership with WildWise in association with Schumacher college. Located at Schumacher College, the Dartington Hall Estate, Dartmoor and the surrounding countryside including the River Dart, The Call of the Wild offers an extraordinary syllabus to anyone open to spending time in nature, and our job as environmental educators is to cultivate this ‘nature connection’ in helpful and meaningful ways. We invite you to become one of the new generation of change-makers through the Call of the Wild programme. Read More...